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  • Bernoulli’s Principle For Kids

    February 22nd, 2009CTBernoulli's Principle

    Who is Bernoulli ?

    What is this principle about?

    What it got to do in our daily life ?

    Well, Daniel Bernoulli was born on 29 January 1700 in Groningen, Netherlands.

    Here come the boring part :-

    Bernoulli’s principle states that a steady flow of fluid (gas or liquid), the pressure of the fluid decrease when the velocity(speed) if the fluid increase and converse

    Wow… what is all this pressure increase or decrease…it is confusing man…!!!

    Ok, lets make this explanation simple.  Have you ever wonder why a huge and heavy airplane can fly in the air ?


    How an aerofoil is lifted

    So, if you look closely at side of an airplane’s wing. The shape of the wings is in the form of an aerofoil.

    You notice that the top surface is slightly curve or arched, while the bottom surface is flat. When a wing in the form of an aerofoil speed through air, the air flow speed on top has to travel faster to cover a longer distance. The air flow speed below the wing is slower.

    Again according to Mr.  Bernoulli,  “a steady flow of fluid (gas or liquid), the pressure of the fluid decrease when the velocity(speed) if the fluid increase”

    In this case, the air flow on top of the wing is faster, therefore creating a lower pressure region on top of the wing. While the slower air flow under the wing creates an higher pressure region. Thus, the higher pressure helps the plane to take off.   That is why airplane speeds very fast through the runway before  it takes off.  Hey kids, please fasten your seat belts before you take off…!!!


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