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  • Air Pressure Experiments – He Shoots… Goal…!!!

    March 8th, 2009CTPressure

    Well, we are not actually gonna do this experiment with any soccer ball. Instead, we are using materials listed below:

    1. A hair dryer

    2. An empty soda bottle

    3. A small pieces of paper (our ball)


    1. Let your empty bottle lies on the table with the month facing the hair dryer.

    2. Use the small pieces of paper to make a ball, but make sure it can go through the bottle mouth.

    3. Turn on the hair dryer.

    4. See you can score the ball in the empty bottle mouth using the hair dyer.


    While trying to push the ball into the empty bottle, you are actually blowing streams of hot air into the empty bottle. This makes the empty bottle so full of air and no other object can enter it. Now, if you turn off your hair dryer and let the air in the empty bottle escapes. You can easily ‘kick’ the ball into the empty bottle.

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