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  • Floating A Sink Raisin

    March 14th, 2009CTChemistry

    What,…!!! How can raisin float?

    No worries,  in this next cool science experiments we gonna make the raisins float.

    Hmm…lets prepare all the materials listed below:-

    1. A pack of Raisin off course.

    2. A glass

    3. A bottle of soda water, best if you can get those without colour. A Sprite maybe ;P


    1. Fill your glass up with soda water.

    Fill the glass up with soda

    Fill the glass up with soda

    2. Put some raisin into the glass. What happen to the rasin?

    Put your raisins into the soda

    Put your raisins into the soda

    3. Wait for a while…

    Gas Power!!!

    Gas Power!!!

    4. Magic…!!!

    Look! Rasins are floating!

    Look! Raisins are floating!


    Well, as you know kids. Soda water is make up of water and gas (carbon dioxide). So, when the raisins are in the bottom of the glass, gas bubbles started to attach on the surface of the rasins. Once enough gas bubbles are attached on them, the raisins will be floated by the gas bubble. But, once raisins floated on the surface of soda water, the gases are release into the air, thus making the raisins sink again.

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