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  • Have fun with eggs

    March 7th, 2009CTForce

    Kids, try recall this… You wake up in the morning and go to kitchen for breakfast. Eggs are on the table and you always yell to your mum asking which is cooked ? Sounds familiar…?

    Now, I gonna tell your a trick to differentiate the cooked (hard boiled) and the raw egg.

    Well, the answer is fairly simple : SPIN IT!!!

    The hard boiled egg is easy to spin and can be stoped instantly (with your fingers off course). The raw will be shaking around and can’t be spin at all but after you get it to spin, it will spin again after you have stopped it.


    A hard boiled eggs is cooked and it is solid inside which means the egg white and egg yolk is in solid form. While, the raw egg is uncooked and there is liquid floating around in the egg.

    Kids, concept here is Inertia!!! (will discuss more in later post)

    Inertia cause the yolk in the uncooked egg to spin slowly or can’t start spinning when we try spin it. Later when we want to stop it from spinning,  the moving liquid in the egg keep on spinning making it spinning again if we move our fingers away.

    As for the cooked egg, the solid inside the egg spins together with the shell. Thus, we have little problem in spinning it.

    So, no more Hard Boiled Egg vs Raw Egg every morning!

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