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  • Removing Wallpaper Tips

    April 25th, 2009CTUncategorized

    Is spring time again, with new seasons, new mood…

    It is time to change the wallpaper again.

    Oh, no. Not again…!!! You kids gonna shout.

    Ok, ok, I know getting the wallpaper of the wall in pretty much hard work.

    But, you want your new Spiderman, Batman, X-Men or even Star Wars wallpaper or what?

    So, no pain no gain. But, this time we gonna make less pain.

    Heres my secret, grab a pail, put equal amout of water and liquid fabric softener (if you don’t know what is this go ask your mum). Then. mix them nicely. You might need a lot of this solution for a whole room.

    Now, got grab a paint brush. 😉 Is fun time !!!

    Brush the wallpaper with the water and softener solution!!! Kids, keep brushing until the old wallpaper is really wet.

    Yeah, this Cool Experiments For Kids.

    Once you done with it. Go watch a cartoon or leave the painted wall for 30 minutes or so for the solution to soak into the wallpaper.

    The wallpaper can be peel off with less effort now.

    Even with help of the softener removing the wallpaper is not an easy task. But, soaking the wallpaper with the water and softener solution make the wall more smooth and lubricate. Thus, helps in getting the wallpaper down. As you all know, the wallpaper is glue to wall using heavy duty glue and you still need some effort to peel it of the wall.

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