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  • Solid vs Liquid

    April 3rd, 2009CTChemistry

    You must be wondering, how can soild matter fight with liquid matter?

    Well, in this cool science experiment we ain’t fighting solid and liquid. But, we are going to turn a solid into liquid. Liquid backs to solid. Sounds like magic…? Looks like magic…But it is not magic…It is Cool Science Experiments For Kids!!!

    Let’s get started, you guys just can’t wait anymore.

    First, get the following material ready:-
    1. A packet of corn starch
    2. Some bowls or container
    2. A few Cups
    4. Water
    5. Spoon
    6. A pair of scissors
    7. You…(to enjoy all the fun) ;)

    Opps...forget the scissors

    Opps...forget the scissors

    1.Cut open your cornstarch. Pour the cornstarch into a cup. Fill the cup full.

    Fill the cup with cornstarch

    Fill the cup with cornstarch

    2. Put all the cornstarch into a bowl or container. Use the spoon to stir the cornstarch. How does it feels ?

    Pour the cup of cornstarch into a bowl

    Pour the cup of cornstarch into a bowl

    3. Put in half cup of water slowly into the blow. Do not pour the water all at once. Slowly. You actually don’t need much water.

    You don't need much water

    You don't need much water

    4. Stir the mixture. How do you feel ?
    5. Keep stirring until you get a pancake like batter. Now, poke it with your finger. Does it feel like building sand castle ?
    6. Now, lets get dirty!!! Hold it in your hand. Squeez it, shape it, move it. How does it feels like?
    7. Keep playing with your ‘new pet’ on your palm. Turn over your palm or even give me a five. Let’s see what will happen.

    Cool...It just stay right there

    Cool...It just stay right there

    Yeah...Give me a five!!!

    Yeah...Give me a five!!!

    8. Hold your pet steady on your palm. No touching please!!! See what happen?

    It looks like liquid

    Cool Down...Don't touch it...

    In school, we learn about three states of matter:- solid, liquid and gas. Today, we gonna learn a new thing called suspension. The mixture of water and cornstarch created a suspension. It can behave a like a solid when you poke it, squeez it, shape it, moving it around. That is why the moment you start to stir with water, you need extra energy to stir it. Reason being a suspension will in ‘defensive mode’ when you are touching it, which means the molecules or particles line up to behave like a solid. When you left the suspension alone, its molecules or particles relax, thus it looks like liquid. The moment you touch it, it will act like a solid.

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