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  • What is Inertia ?

    April 4th, 2009CTInertia

    I will pressume everyone of you have taken a bus. If you have not ride on a bus before, go out there and enjoy!

    So what happen when a motionless bus started to move forward, you move backwords.

    When a stop suddenly, you move forwards.

    This is exspecially true when you are standing on the bus. If you wanna relive experience this, ask adults to accompany you to take a bus ride.

    You will be asking me what is all this bus thing got to do with Inertia.

    Ok. All object in the world (car, bike, bus, pens, you, your friend and many more) will continue moving (in motion) unless something stops them.

    Again, all object is the world will continue stopping (not moving) unless something moves them.

    But, objects being objects (verbs) will refuse/resist/object to start moving or stopping. The bahavior of the objects are known as Inertia.

    That’s is why Newton’s first law of motion a.k.a Law of Inertia states:-

    An object tends to stay at rest and a moving object tends to continue moving with same speed and in same direction unless being acted by an external force(this is the something I mentioned just now).
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