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  • Help Protect Sea/Marine Turtles

    May 19th, 2009CTUncategorized

    Please help to save more turtles

    Please help to save more turtles

    A Sea turtle size is huge.

    Normally, a mature sea turtle can be six or seven feet (2 m) in length, and three to five feet (1 to 1.5 m) in width, weighing up to 1300 pounds (650 kg).

    Although, a sea turtle can swim very easying in the sea. It is very hard for them to move around the beach. And they look clumsy. If you seen a sea turtle before, you know what I mean.

    Movement of sea turtles is made tougher with their short neck and short limbs or legs.

    So, once a turtle is overturn. It just can’t turn over again.

    Kids…Please helps those turtles…It means a lot to them.

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