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  • An Example of Newton’s First Law of Motion

    October 29th, 2009CTForce

    Phew… It really nice to be back after all the work in school.

    Hi, Kids. Do you like magic ?

    Last Saturday my school organized a fair for the whole school.

    So, I found out this very interesting experiments for you guys. But, during the event this magician keep saying is magic time. Well, I say……”It Cool Science Experiments For Kids Time…!!!”

    Let’s start the experiments will the following materials:-
    a) a stripe of manila card size: (1.5cm x 30cm) (just ask dad to get it from his office ;))
    b)a coin
    c)a cellophane tape and
    d)a glass

    First, use the cellophane tape to stick the two end of the manila card. Becareful, don’t use too much force as we want a round shape paper ring.

    Then, put the paper on the mouth of the glass.

    Lastly, put the coin on the top of the paper ring.

    Now, is ‘SHOW TIME’… Use tip of your finger quicky pull away the paper ring.

    What happen? Why?

    Guys, haven’t touch up the pictures yet. Coming Soon….

    According to Newton First Law,

    An object tends to stay at rest and a moving object tends to continue moving with same speed and in same direction unless being acted by an external force

    The coin is under the force of gravity, and tends to be pull downward. When the paper ring was being pull away at a fast pace, the coins will tends to fall down into the glass rather than pull away by the ring.

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