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  • An Example of Newton’s First Law of Motion – Supertankers

    November 10th, 2009CTUncategorized

    What is a supertankers ?

    Don’t confuse them with the tanks in the military. They travel on waters.

    Found this picture from

    Found this picture from

    In fact they are large crude oil tankers which carry crude oil ranging from 150 to 300 thousand tons. With their full power on, an oil tanker with very huge inertia needs a long time to get to its maximum speed.

    So kids, you might ask: “How do they stop then ?”

    Well, kids. Even with engine set into reverse condition (propeller in reverse rotation), the oil tankers still need to travel about 10km before they can come to a stop. Remember ship don’t have brake. They can’t just stop.

    With such a big internia on the oil tanker, they just can turn left or right as easy in driving the cars. So for every turn, the captain needs to set the direction of the propeller correctly well before the tanker make a turn.


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