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  • Newton’s Third Law Experiments

    November 10th, 2009CTForce

    Yo, kids. Is Cool Science Experiments For Kids again.

    This time around we gonna go through walls…

    Hello…, doc. How can you going through the wall…!!! This ain’t no magic.

    No worries guys. This is pure science. I will explain it later, But now, is better to get our hands dirty.

    Let’s prepare the material for this experiment:-
    a) a marble, if you wanna have more fun then a few
    b) a coin make it is big enough to cover the mouth of the bottle
    c) a piece of paper (11cm x 30cm)
    d) a soda bottle
    e) a cellophane tape

    Just follow these steps:-
    1. Roll the piece of paper, use the cellophane tape to make sure it holds. Now, we will have a 30cm tall cylinder shape paper roll.
    2. Put the coin on the mouth of the soda bottle.
    3. Next, we put the paper onto the mouth of the soda bottle.
    4. The moment of truth, put the marble on top of the paper roll and let it fall…
    Can the marble fell into the soda bottle ? 😉
    5. What happen?… Something strange ? (Yes, the marble went in the bottle)

    Newton’s Third Law states that:
    If object A exerts a force on object B, then object B will exert an equal but opposite force on object A.

    Or like your teacher always say

    “To every action there is an equal but opposite reaction”

    In this experiments, when our marble hits the coin, the coin will produce any equal but opposite reaction/foce onto the marble, making the marble bounce back. The hitting force on the marble will causes the coin to temporary leaving the mouth of soda bottle. Thus, resulting the morble fell into the soda bottle.

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