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  • Newton’s Third Law – Reaction

    November 10th, 2009CTReaction

    Reaction ?!!!

    So your school teacher will tell you something like this…

    According to Newton’s Third Law :-

    To every action there is an equal but opposite reaction

    But, what does he means by every action?

    Or even opposite reaction ?

    Questions, questions, questions…and more questions.

    It is will simple to explain the above statement,

    Punch the wall…how do you feel ? Pain right.
    So when you punch the wall(action), and the wall reflect back the force of your punch on your hand(opposite reaction). That is why you feel pain.

    When a car ramp into a wall at high speed…What happen ? The car bounce back from the wall.
    Just go watch NASCAR, or any sports car racing.
    The car ramp into the wall(action), it bounce back(opposite reaction)

    Our next example is firing a gun. Warning: Hey, kids please do not please with guns. It is an serious offense. We can even hurt ourselves
    When one fires his gun, he feels being pushed backwards. Fire guns(action), pushed backward(opposite reaction)

    I hope everyone understand Reaction now. 😀

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