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  • What fish can survive without water ?

    November 14th, 2009CTBiology


    A fish can live without water…!!!

    Yes, kids. This how wonderful our earth is.

    Let me introduce you to Mr. Lungfish.

    A South American Lungfisg. Found this from

    A South American Lungfisg. Found this from

    Today, we can fonly find lungfish in Africa, South America and Australia.

    So, what make this fish so special that is can survive without water.Some lungfish can survive in dried up rivers for weeks or months.

    Well, in waters lungfish use their gill to respirate or breathe. If the rivers dried up, the air will go throughh a lunglike organ called a swim bladder. This is because the swim bladder consist a lot of tiny blood capilary or in general terms blood vessels which act as lungs. (As we all know, 😉 exchanges of oxygen and carbon dioxide happen in our lungs). Thus gas exchanges happen in this swim bladder thingy and our lungfish friend can keep pon surving without waters.

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