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  • What is the greatest discovery of mankinds ?

    November 20th, 2009CTUncategorized

    Hey, kids… What do u think?

    Human greatest discovery are…
    A. Food
    B. Fire
    C. Water
    D. Electricity
    E. All of the above

    Think for 10 seconds and tell me what is your answer.

    (Drumming sound….)The moment of truth…

    The answer is… B. Fire

    Camp Fire

    Camp Fire

    According to , discovery is an act or an instance of discovering.

    Until now, scholars agree that humans greatest discovery is FIRE. Ever since humans learnt how to use fire to get rid of wild beast and they don’t have to live in the cave anymore.

    So, humans started to live on flat ground, they started to build houses on their own. Besides, fire helps to cook food, fire also helps to make a lot tool for farming, hunting, cutting.

    In conclusion, we can say that because of fire, humans were able to achieve the civilazation we enjoy today!

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