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  • Happy Chinese New Year

    February 13th, 2010CTUncategorized

    To all my Chinese friends,

    Happy Chinese New Year!!!

    Let me share this nice picture I found it on Osaka Prefectual Goverment site.

    Plum Blossom @ Kansin Temple

    Plum Blossom @ Kansin Temple

    Kids, do you know that plum blossom flowers only appear during the winters. Yeah…, the cold hard winters!!!
    The flowers will bloom while there is still snow every where.

    The Chinese like the plum blossom because after you endure all the challenges then only will you be great…!!!

    Just like the saying :”No Pain, No Gain…”


    To all my friends in the East Coast who have to deal with the cold cold winters,

    “Let Us Fight With Coldness…!!! “

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