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    February 13th, 2010CTUncategorized
    Just Cucumber For Our Experiment

    Just Cucumber For Our Experiment

    Hey, kids. Welcome back to

    This time around, we gonna do some cool science experiments with Cucumber

    We just need cucumbers for our experiments 😉

    Go search around your fridge or go to your nearest grocery store for some.

    Experiment 1: Get rid of fogging mirror

    Every time after we take a nice hot shower, the mirror just get fog up.

    We just can’t admire how beautiful our face is…!!! Can’t we? Worse still, I need to shave… :(

    I found out this accidentally, you know my wife always put her left over facial cucumber in the bath.

    I used those cucumbers to wipe off the fog so that I can shave.

    The next day after my morning hot shower, I shaved straight away without having to wipe those fog away.

    This ain’t right, I did’t need to clear the fog. What happen…?

    After looking carefully, I found some streaky green marks on the mirror.

    Ah ha, cucumbers…!!! I remembered I wipe the mirror with cucumber.


    Cucumber contains chemicals that can get rid of those water vapour from settling on the surface of the mirror.

    Experiment 2 Leather Sheos Polishing

    Kids help your daddy out here. He running late for an important meeting yet he needs his leather shoes polished.

    Quickly go to the kitchen, cut a few slices of cucumber and rub those ‘green magic’ on surface of the shoes.

    Then, just wipe any residue on the shoes with a piece of clean rag.

    Ta…da… Daddy’s leather shoes is shinning again…!!! The trick always works for me. 😉


    Though, cucumber can be use to get leather sheos shinning again but it cannot be used to replace shoe polish. This is only a short term solutions. Well kids , you just save the day…!!!

    Experiment 3 Get rid of those yacky pest!!!

    No Roaches...No Roaches...No Roaches

    No Roaches...No Roaches...No Roaches

    Damn..!!! I hate roaches.

    Ok, missa doc can help you out here.

    Go peel some cucumber. Put those cucumber peel around the house exspecially roaches entry points or any where you find roaches.

    Now go drink a can of Coke and invite a few friends for a drink. Good things must share. Yeah…

    Please make sure the can is make of aluminium else this experiment won’t work.

    Wash the internal of the cans with clean water. Put peels of cucumber in the opening of the cans.

    Put the cans around your garden.

    Fire in hole…!!! No more roaches…

    Keep replacing those old peels with fresh ones until all the pests are gone.

    The peels of cucumber have chemical that will react with the aluminium to release a smell which garden pest hate. Skin of the cucumber has cu-curbitacins, taste bitter but it is a good natural pest control. This is a safer method as compare to using pesticides to get rid of pests because we have children and pets at home.

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