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  • Should We Sleep With Lights On…?

    March 23rd, 2010CTUncategorized

    Well, the answer is big NO !

    Sorry Kids, No Sleeping With Light On...

    Sorry Kids, No Sleeping With Light On...

    Kids, sorry to disapoint you…

    Ok, ok, ok…I know there is monster under the bed.

    Well, my young padawan, use the Force.

    According to research, sleeping with lights on can get you sick easily, this is because our brain will release certain kind of chemical when we sleep. This chemical will make us feel relax and comfortable. Thus, our heart can also take a rest.

    But when our eyeball is exposed to light, this chemical will stop releasing. Our body will feel like “IT IS STILL DAY LIGHT” and keep working hard. This, in the long run will reduce our immune system. We will get sick easily.

    There is only one way to keep ourselves healthy:-


    Hey kids, if you are affraid or scare. You can always switch on the a bed side table lamp and wear a eyes cover.

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