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    February 26th, 2010CTHuman Baisc Needs

    Hiya Kids… How was your winter ?

    I hope your guys have a lot showball fight… make lotta snowman…

    This time in, we gonna get ready for our annual science fair…!!!

    Don’t you guys just love it 😉

    Now, let’s get to work…

    We will be needing these stuff:-
    1.Get yourself a eletrcic egg beater

    2.A big pail
    3.One big mosquito net or a mosquito screen.
    4.Some water (Hot water will be nice but becareful with it, ask adults to help out)
    6.You & Your Friends
    7.Old newspaper
    8.A Piece of wooden plank

    Optional Stuff:-
    8.Food Colouring

    Yeah… Let’s Get Our Hand Dirty! ^-^