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    June 16th, 2009CTSenses

    Kids, do you know that the skin is the biggest organ in our body? And, do you also know that our skin cells can live for three weeks.

    Today, we gonna have some fun with our skin.

    The materials required are:-

    1. Our body 😉
    2. Paper clips, you need at least two.
    Hi Kids...

    Hi Kids...


    1.Shape you paper clip like this (One Paper Clip)
    By now you should know what do I meant by One Paper Clip...

    By now you should know what do I meant by One Paper Clip...

    and like this (Two Paper Clip)
    Is just two pointed metal

    Is just two pointed metal

    2. Ask a friend to close his eyes. Prick the palm of his hand with one paper clip. Prick his palm again, this time with two paper clips. Record the results (whether the stimulus was felt or not) in table below
    3. Repeat step 2 to test the skin in different partsof the body such as fingertips, arms, neck and knee.

    You should get the results something like this:-
    (√) shows that the skin can detect the stimulus

    (X) shows that the skin cannot detect the stimulus

    Parts of the body Prick with one paper clip Prick with two paper clip
    Palm X
    Knee X X X
    Arm X X X

    After this experiments, you will find out that different part of out body have different sensitivity and the skin around the neck and the fingertips is more sensitive than the skin on the palm, knee and arms. This is because sensitivity of our skin depands on:-
    a) the thickness of our skin
    b) the number of sensory receptors (will be wirtting a more simple version on this soon…for please refer to Wikipedia for now)