Cool Science Experiments For Kids This site contains some science experiments for kids to do @home or school
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    December 18th, 2009CTPressure

    Hey, kids.

    I found this nice video in YouTube

    So let the show begin…

    Why the egg fell into the bottle?

    Please leave your comment.

    Stay Tune…I will explain later.

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    December 16th, 2009CTPressure

    Do you like the idea of having a plane all by yourselves.

    Well, after this Cool Science Experiments For Kids YOU CAN…!!!

    In fact, this a very simple experiment.

    All you need is: 2 PIECE OF A4 PAPER…!!! and a pair of scissors

    Hey kids, save a tree, save the earth, just find some used A4 paper. OK…

    By now. I think most of you know how to fold a paper plane.

    But, if you still in doubt below are the step by step guide. Just fold along the dashed line(s).

    You will need two paper plane for this experiments
    Plane 1 : Step 1 – Step 5
    Plane 2 : Step 1 – Step 6 (Kids, please take note. I have make some modification on our plane)

    Step 1 : Fold along the dashed lines, then open it out

    Step 1 : Fold along the dashed lines, then open it out

    Step 2 : Just fold along dashed lines and follow the arrows.

    Step 2 : Just fold along dashed lines and follow the arrows.

    Step 3 : Keep following the dashed llines and arrows

    Step 3 : Keep following the dashed llines and arrows

    Step 4 : Just follow dashed line and arrow again ;P

    Step 4 : Just follow dashed line and arrow again ;P

    Step 5 : You know what to do...

    Step 5 : You know what to do...

    Step 6 : There is a slight modification here, cut along the red lines

    Step 6 : There is a slight modification here, cut along the red lines

    Judgement Day…!!!
    Just fly your 2 private jets. Have a lot of fun.

    What happen ? :-

    Notice that:-

    Yeah...We Are Go Up...!!!

    Yeah...We Are Go Up...!!!

    Flight path of Plane 1 keep flying down.

    But, flight path of Plane 2 was up and down. This shows that how Bernoulli Principle works when a plane taking off.


    Side View Of Your Plane

    Side View Of Your Plane

    Bernoulli Principle Revisited

    Bernoulli Principle Revisited

    From the side view of your plane, you notice that the top surface is slightly curve upwards, while the bottom is flat. So when you fly your plane through the air, the air flow speed on top has to travel faster to cover a longer distance. The air flow below the wing is slower.

    Remember to what Mr. Bernoulli said, “a steady flow of fluid (gas or liquid), the pressure of the fluid decrease when the velocity(speed) if the fluid increase”

    Ah…forget it!!!

    In the case of your plane, the air flow on top of the wing is faster, therefore creating a lower pressure region on top of the wing. While the slower air flow under the wing creates an higher pressure region. Thus, the higher pressure helps the plane to take off or flying upwards.

    For more flying actions…!!!

    Flights of nearly 300 feet are possible…!!! Kids, 300 feets…!!! A bit hard on taking off. But, you can go 500 feets with the plane…!!! The Dark Force…!!!
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    November 10th, 2009CTForce

    Yo, kids. Is Cool Science Experiments For Kids again.

    This time around we gonna go through walls…

    Hello…, doc. How can you going through the wall…!!! This ain’t no magic.

    No worries guys. This is pure science. I will explain it later, But now, is better to get our hands dirty.

    Let’s prepare the material for this experiment:-
    a) a marble, if you wanna have more fun then a few
    b) a coin make it is big enough to cover the mouth of the bottle
    c) a piece of paper (11cm x 30cm)
    d) a soda bottle
    e) a cellophane tape

    Just follow these steps:-
    1. Roll the piece of paper, use the cellophane tape to make sure it holds. Now, we will have a 30cm tall cylinder shape paper roll.
    2. Put the coin on the mouth of the soda bottle.
    3. Next, we put the paper onto the mouth of the soda bottle.
    4. The moment of truth, put the marble on top of the paper roll and let it fall…
    Can the marble fell into the soda bottle ? 😉
    5. What happen?… Something strange ? (Yes, the marble went in the bottle)

    Newton’s Third Law states that:
    If object A exerts a force on object B, then object B will exert an equal but opposite force on object A.

    Or like your teacher always say

    “To every action there is an equal but opposite reaction”

    In this experiments, when our marble hits the coin, the coin will produce any equal but opposite reaction/foce onto the marble, making the marble bounce back. The hitting force on the marble will causes the coin to temporary leaving the mouth of soda bottle. Thus, resulting the morble fell into the soda bottle.

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    October 29th, 2009CTForce

    Phew… It really nice to be back after all the work in school.

    Hi, Kids. Do you like magic ?

    Last Saturday my school organized a fair for the whole school.

    So, I found out this very interesting experiments for you guys. But, during the event this magician keep saying is magic time. Well, I say……”It Cool Science Experiments For Kids Time…!!!”

    Let’s start the experiments will the following materials:-
    a) a stripe of manila card size: (1.5cm x 30cm) (just ask dad to get it from his office ;))
    b)a coin
    c)a cellophane tape and
    d)a glass

    First, use the cellophane tape to stick the two end of the manila card. Becareful, don’t use too much force as we want a round shape paper ring.

    Then, put the paper on the mouth of the glass.

    Lastly, put the coin on the top of the paper ring.

    Now, is ‘SHOW TIME’… Use tip of your finger quicky pull away the paper ring.

    What happen? Why?

    Guys, haven’t touch up the pictures yet. Coming Soon….

    According to Newton First Law,

    An object tends to stay at rest and a moving object tends to continue moving with same speed and in same direction unless being acted by an external force

    The coin is under the force of gravity, and tends to be pull downward. When the paper ring was being pull away at a fast pace, the coins will tends to fall down into the glass rather than pull away by the ring.

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    March 8th, 2009CTPressure

    Well, we are not actually gonna do this experiment with any soccer ball. Instead, we are using materials listed below:

    1. A hair dryer

    2. An empty soda bottle

    3. A small pieces of paper (our ball)


    1. Let your empty bottle lies on the table with the month facing the hair dryer.

    2. Use the small pieces of paper to make a ball, but make sure it can go through the bottle mouth.

    3. Turn on the hair dryer.

    4. See you can score the ball in the empty bottle mouth using the hair dyer.


    While trying to push the ball into the empty bottle, you are actually blowing streams of hot air into the empty bottle. This makes the empty bottle so full of air and no other object can enter it. Now, if you turn off your hair dryer and let the air in the empty bottle escapes. You can easily ‘kick’ the ball into the empty bottle.

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